Body Treatment

Body Treatment Richmond, VAThe body treatments use much the same organic herbs or mineral rich clay mixtures that the body wraps use but instead of the elastic bandages you lie on a table and your body is covered in the required medium and than your body is covered or lightly wrapped in a reflective or woolen blanket for 30 to 60 minutes. This method is basically used to “just treat the skin, however tightening of the skin and the reduction of the appearance of cellulite will be achieved.

Mud Treatment Richmond, VAThe choice of organic herbs or mineral rich clay application is based solely on the need of you the client. The organic herbs act predominately on skin conditions to penetrate and take the herbal essence into the body and soothe and correct chronic problems. While the mineral rich clay application has a more drawing and tightening effect. Our personal blending for your needs allow us to mix the organic herbs and mineral rich clay together to get a blended effect.

The body treatment is not a temporary quick fix. To achieve long lasting results you will need to commit to a complete treatment program. While some skin conditions respond well to this type of treatment, there is no guarantee that the condition will be corrected on the first treatment. It is best to look forward to about 3 treatments to see if the treatment is working for you and how fast it is responding, if at all, and that way we can gauge the number of treatments.

Hydro-therapy Salt Glow/Mud Application Pricing

Sessions Total Cost Cost Per Session
1 $65
3 $180 $60/session
6 $330 $55/session