Leg, Knee & Foot Pain

How to relieve knee painMost leg pain comes from sciatica. The main problem of the leg is knee pain and what is known as shin splints. The muscles of the back and front of the thighs cross over the knee joint and the muscles of the lower leg cross over the knee and foot joint, but since the foot is locked to the ground, that greater force is radiated to the knee. Muscle dysfunction of the leg lead to foot and toe dysfunction. Sore feet can cause limping and the body does not like to limp, so that forces the pelvis to become misaligned which radiates dislocation and dysfunction to the back all the way to the neck. Shin splints is a name often given to any pain at the front of the lower leg. However, true shin splint symptoms occur at the front inside of the shin bone and can arise from a number of causes. The most common cause is inflammation of the periostium of the tibia. Traction forces on the periosteum from the muscles of the lower leg cause shin pain and inflammation.

Treatment for Leg, Knee & Foot Pain

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The best way to treat leg, knee & foot pain is to first “correctly and specifically” identify its cause. The cause of leg, knee & foot pain is normally the bodies attempt to control the bodies gait. A competent gait assessment and postural alignment by a medical massage therapist must be the first step. A qualified medical massage therapist can find and correct the cause of postural misalignment and improper gait, foot and heel strike.