Spine & Neck PainJust because you’re aging doesn’t mean you should feel or look like it. The experts at the Methuselah Center know that bodily pain is a warning that something is wrong with your body. That pain can lead to stress, which will inevitably lead to disease, a poor quality of life, and even a loss of income. With our wide array of pain management and correction, we can release the muscles that cause pain, and relieve the stress that comes with it.

The Methuselah Center emphasizes ‘Preventative Health Care’ and ‘Alternative Treatment’.

Preventative health care is designed to prevent ‘dis-ease’ by keeping your immune system healthy for overall wellness. The immune system is at its strongest when the bodies stress level is its lowest. Stress comes from not just psychological pain but physical pain. When the body is in pain or suffering from distress it releases stress hormones. These stress hormones lows the immune system allowing opportunistic infection to flower.

As for ‘Alternative treatment’, our experience with numerous treatment methods and our extensive knowledge of what is available from the past to the present and from around the world. Many painful conditions in the muscles or joints may not have to undergo surgery. We are certain we can provide a wellness program specifically designed for your ’root cause’ and individual needs. Our specialty is to find the ‘root cause’ of your concerns and treat that cause and not just the symptoms by utilizing a combination of wellness programs including massage therapy, colonic treatments for weight management, pain management therapy, and other programs.

We offer massage therapy in Richmond, VA as well as other treatment options. Our services include:

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