Therapeutic Massage

Therapeutic treatment & therapy

Therapeutic bodywork focuses on the deeper layers of muscle tissue and the circulatory system.

Therapeutic Massage, Richmond, VAIt is used to release chronic patterns of tension, loosen scar tissue, remove lactic acid build up and help restore flexibility to affected areas. It is designed as a full body treatment but can be used to address general areas of concern. Therapeutic massage relieves tired, sore, and aching muscles from peak workouts and general exercise routines, fluid swelling of the arms or legs, and stiff joints and arthritic complaints. It increases blood and lymph flow, promotes healing, improves the immune response, as well as improving digestion and elimination. It is normally used as a pre- or pose event treatment and varies depending on the patients need and the event. It normally lasts for approximately 60 minutes but can be extended up to 90 minutes depending on the clients needs. It can be rather deep and intense depending on the patients preferences, but should not exceed the patients pain threshold.

60-minute Therapeutic Massage Pricing

Sessions Total Cost Cost Per Session
1 $60
3 $165 $55/session
6 $300 $50/session